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CNC machining services (Computer numerical control machining) is a high precision subtractive process used to perform lots of manufacturing tasks which are all carried out by computers and automated machines making the most accurate precision turned parts available. The machine removes material such as plastic or metal with a cutting tool. All our CNC machining services equipment is regularly inspected and checked to keep our standard of production at the highest level

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CNC Turned Parts

Why choose Efficient Fasteners?

Efficient fasteners are well equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines and qualified specialist engineers to provide a reliable supply to a range of industries in the UK. We can provide bespoke precision turned parts for all manors of application design with maximum accuracy to your specific measurements and requirements. We are a cost-effective and affordable choice, as we can work efficiently and complete orders very quickly, maximising the amount of product production.

Our CNC machining services capabilities allow us to keep them on 24 hours a day, so if you need a rapid turnaround on machined parts, Efficient Fasteners are the trusted choice.

We have built an excellent reputation across the West Midlands, as we work very closely with each of our customers to offer our considered advice and develop a tailored customer-supplier relationship to meet your requirements.

We can produce everything from simple design turned part components to the highly complex products, all to pinpoint accuracy so each product is uniform and exact. We can cut from a wide range of materials, including grades of aluminium, brass, stainless steel to name a few.

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The Advantages of CNC Machining Services

Modern-day CNC machinery is pathing the way and creating an outstanding reputation for creating precision turned parts to a point of accuracy that can not be rivalled. There are many advantages of CNC Machining making it the go-to option when a bespoke component needs to be manufactured because of its capabilities to be able to perform a range of complex processes. Listed below are further Advantages of the CNC machine which include:


The computer software can be quickly programmed and adjusted to meet our customers demands as they change without slowing down the production time.

Continuous Use

The CNC Machines we use at Efficient Fasteners are a better choice than manual methods as they can work continuously over 24 hours without the need for breaks. This maximises the productivity and efficiency of the number of parts that can be produced.

Precision and Consistency

CNC Machinery offers an exact replication of the programmed design to provide the very highest precision for your turned parts, meaning you can ensure you are getting the desired product consistently every time.

Increased Capability

Due to the precision of the computer software, it can exceed manual capabilities and offer more to a customer in terms of more complex and intricate products.

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Get in touch with us today if you have a current requirement for products made via CNC machining, and we can put together a bespoke offering for your company tailored to your specific measurement and requirement.

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