Steel Turned Parts

Steel Turned Parts Services

Steel turned parts are amongst the most sought-after manufacturing metals in the industry. Being both an affordable and reliable option, steel is used in the engineering process for numerous products, including fasteners, pins, screws and bolts.

Efficient Fasteners are leading suppliers of steel turned parts in the UK. Our specialist CNC machining capabilities and years of expert experience give us the edge over other companies. Place an order today by filling out the contact form at the bottom!

Our precision engineers manufacture steel turned parts bespoke to each customer’s specifications no matter the simplicity or complexity of the design. At Efficient Fasteners, we are dedicated to fulfilling the customer’s desires, delivering fast project turnaround times with guaranteed high-quality finishes. We build lasting relationships with customers by offering trusted, competitively priced services.

As steel is an alloy, it is at the cheaper end of turned metals. We would never overcharge customers, working with full transparency. This is one of the many reasons clients repeatedly return to us.

Our steel turned parts are used in various industries, such as: hospitals, oil and gas, hydraulic, automotive, hospitality and military.

Stainless Steel Turned Parts

Stainless steel turned parts are durable, which allows them to last a significantly more time. Stainless steel is perfect for protecting components from corrosive damage.

They are also easy to clean and sterilise, hence why the medical and hospitality industries use a lot of stainless steel.

There are a range of variations of steel turned parts, with different strengths and benefits. For instance, grade 316 stainless steel fasteners can work in seawater without being worn down. Whatever part you are looking for, we can supply it.

For more information about our steel turned parts, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

At Efficient Fasteners, our CNC Machining runs 24 hours a day. We are ready to leap at our customers needs at any minute. We operate a ‘lights out’ policy providing our clients with urgent help if it is needed.

We pride ourselves on our rapid and efficient delivery services and always take into account the urgency of your situation.

We are renowned for our competitive pricing and our small or large batch sizes.